There's many reasons to love Australia and as such many reasons to come as well. Regardless of whether you're looking to invest here, or maybe enrol and study or juts a short temporary stay for a few months, we can make the transition much easier for you. We provide expert immigration advice and visa application assistance to all our clients from all corners of the world who are wishing to enter Australia.


significant investor visa

This particular visa allows successful applicants to own and manage a new or existing business in Australia, or to simply "invest" in Australia. Often one of the most difficult visas to apply for, We Education are here to provide industry knowledge and support to help business owners and investors navigate the complexity of migration matters. 


student visa

The most popular visa we currently process which is no surprise given Australia's elite standing in global education on the world platform. Coming to Australia to study is often a choice to accelerate your career and there are multiple student visas that we can look from diploma courses, bachelor and master degrees to studying english.

We Education can help you obtain the right student visa.


working holiday visa

Perhaps 1 year is enough and you're just here to enjoy the sights and the people and looking to just work enough to support yourself. This type of visa is perfect for someone looking to experience living in Australia without undergoing the usual costly expenses of finding work sponsorship.

However, there are my restrictions and limits on this type of visa so working with us will help you understand what they are.