Travel & Activities

They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich, so a much anticipated journey that you're looking forward to doesn't need complications. Instead of risking costly mistakes, having a partner to help you create a joyful experience is fun and we have the contacts, insider information, network of hotels, restaurants and venues to make sure your this and next trip with us is newer and better.



Learning happens inside and outside a classroom. So let teachers put their student's nose in books and let us take them outside into a world where learning lessons become living lessons. Our tours are designed to immerse students in wide range of experiences that can be tailored to their current curriculum or extra curricular that takes them to innovative locations such as universities, companies, industry experts and more.

We also host a range of competitions from painting, sports, dance, art and many other themes to promote healthy competitive spirit to help students to grow and exceed their limits.


Holidays should be all about relaxing and taking in the sights without a care in the world. From dazzling urban, cosmopolitan cities, to different ancient cultures and natural attractions beyond compare, in some of Australia's best sights.

From Sydney's light and dazzle, to the wonders of the great barrier reef, the beauty of our finest scenery as well the beauty of some of our rainforests like the Daintree. Come join us to experience it all.


All tours are customized to fit your needs: Your budget, location, where you want to stay, what you would like to do. Everything is taking into consideration to ensure an incredible instagram worthy experience.