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Most students are use to studying that takes them down a route of acquiring hard skills - specific skills that they need to do their jobs effectively. In short, school teaches you to become very good technicians. However, increasing importance is being placed on soft skills because in every job, regardless of industry, employees will be required to engage with others in some way. Thus interacting and playing well with others is highly important. 

In fact, soft skills are the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. Particularly as employers and recruiters are looking for individuals that will one day become leaders, and leadership itself, depends on several key soft skills.


SOft SkIll WOrkshops offered

Unlike hard skills that are learned, soft skills are much harder to learn, at least in a traditional classroom. They are also much harder to measure and evaluate. However, at Grande Turista, we have courses and programs designed to make soft skills BECOME a hard skill by using frameworks and models to help students embrace the power of soft skills and be able to use it in a professional or personal environment.

The workshops on offer included:

  • Effective Communication

  • Creative and Critical Thinking

  • Teamwork

  • Networking

  • Time Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

If you are interested in any of these workshops, please contact us.