Until we can turn on a universal translator as seen in sci-fi adventures, the only option for effective cross-communication is learn to speak the language ourselves. There are many benefits to learning a language and they are numerous: An awareness of the world around you, improved career options, earning potential and cultural immersion in your host country.

As well, learning a 2nd language enhances listening and memory skill and of course makes travelling so much more fun!


Choosing the right language

The decision of which foreign language to study is an important one so there are several factors a student should consider: 

  • Learning options (Online, Classroom based or a Hybrid)

  • Difficulty Level

  • Personal Preference

  • Goals for the future

  • Language Immersion

  • Career Advantages

Here at Grande Turista, we can help you assess all these factors to choose the right language for you, whether that's english, french, spanish, chinese or any others. We also help run the courses needed to start learning and speaking straight away!