Educations is widely agreed to be the key to control one's future. Given its importance, choosing what school, the right institution to enrol in, relevant career training needed etc can be a costly exercise as the wrong choices could lead to a lot of wasted time. Hence why at We Education, we offer a tailored consultancy service to help our clients have better outcomes of academic provision, training and progress.


Entry into academic Institutions

We pride ourselves in understanding what is important to each and every member concerning their educational aspirations. When it comes to your future, you want nothing but the best. We Education provides members with professional consultations and on-going support to navigate the labyrinth of the Australian education system to help set you up for success. Whether you're wanting to start school, entering university or enrolling in TAFE, we help make that transition painless and as efficient as possible with the greatest success.


educational workshops

Universities and formal education qualifications are great but they are far from a perfect measure of education mastery. Learning never stops, so to facilitate the gaps that formal qualifications may not address,

We Education delivers workshops designed to help complement, not replace, your existing knowledge and insights. Whether that would be practical skills such as social skills development, group presentation, public speaking etc we can help.


business & corporate training

Business is not a static thing and the case studies in your MBA may not be as relevant today in a changing world. Hence why We Education are focused on your learning requirements by being in sync with industry developments and the market to deliver an exceptional experience. 

We offer courses in project management, high level communication, leadership, time management and more, designed to be applicable today.