Educations is widely agreed to be the key to control one's future. Given its importance, choosing what school, the right institution to enrol in, relevant career training needed etc can be a costly exercise as the wrong choices could lead to a lot of wasted time. Hence why at Grande Turista, we offer a tailored consultancy service to help our clients have better outcomes of academic provision, training and progress.

There’s so much noise out there, it’s difficult to objectively look at what’s the right institution for you to enrol in,, so let us make that choice a little easier.

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We pride ourselves in understanding what is important to each and every member concerning their educational aspirations. When it comes to your future, you want nothing but the best. Grande Turista provides members with professional consultations and on-going support to navigate the labyrinth of the Australian education system to help set you up for success. Whether you're wanting to start school, entering university or enrolling in TAFE, we help make that transition painless and as efficient as possible with the greatest success.

Things we help you consider when determining the right school or university include:

  • The location of the institution - Is it close to home or work?

  • Will the institution be able to cater for your needs and interests?

  • What facilities are offered and are you comfortable with the 'feel' of the institution?

  • Will the teachers and institution offer all aspects of development including social, emotional, physical and cognitive?

  • What is the reputation of the institution?

  • What sort of extracurricular activities are available?

This is not an exhaustive list but as you can see, choosing what is the right academic institution for you can be time-intensive and costly hence why at Grande Turista, we help walk through it with you step by step.