Life is a journey and your career represents one of the biggest discoveries you'll make in this world. A choice that could make and change the next decades of your lives. For many of us this choice can be quite daunting, so at We Education we help you with what you can do today to help you be ready for tomorrow. Whether that's starting your career in an internship, or exploring your options with contract work or you're an established business leader looking for subject matter experts, we're here for you.



Turn your career dream into reality with an internship. These programs are designed to offer candidates an opportunity to gain real practical work experience as well as improve their career opportunities. We have access to different internships across all academic fields as well as industry disciplines. Perfect way to gain exposure into professional work life and develop professional work skills highly sought after by employers.


temporary assignments/contracts

We Education works with a spectrum of partners that offer contract and temporary work that offer flexibility if your're just here in Australia on a short stay. 

We offer temporary work in many different industries so sit down with us and let us know what sort of work you want.



As well as looking after future employees, we also want to support employers and Australia is a resource of incredible talent.

So whether it's IT, finance, marketing, sales, admin or strategy, let us know and we'll find the right human resource you need to scale and excel your business.